Thursday, September 10, 2015

Adventures in Postcrossing #12

The goal of Postcrossing is to connect the world via real mail, by allowing you to exchange postcards with other random members around the world.

As I sit here it just occurred to me that I started with Postcrossing again almost a year ago. Looking back now I can't help but wonder why I even took a break and such a long one to boot. Yet no matter why things on the card-writing front are different these days, I'm happy I picked up this hobby again as it's a whole lot of fun. That said, let's take a look at the plentiful reasons* why I enjoy sending and receiving postcards so much.

*aka my summer-time haul

This past spring there was a Postcrossing meeting in Vienna which unfortunately I could not attend, so I was pleased to at least receive a specially designed card, signed by many of the attendees from a fellow Austrian Postcrosser. So right now I'm obviously hoping for another meeting later this year or at least early next year. Hopefully I won't fall off a ladder again, needing to rest my poor foot instead of a fun outing with other postcard-enthusiasts.

As I mention several things I am fond off on my Postcrossing profile, I also receive many cards that cater perfectly to my eclectic taste. One day I even found three postcards at once in my mailbox which showed a stack of old books, a cute teddy and a cup of tea. This was like some stranger turning up at my door with a big bunch of flowers, just not flowers and the mailman also isn't a stranger, but hey ... card bouquet!

Then there are the inevitable postcards which aren't exactly postcards. See the ones in the top left corner? The black handbag shaped one is ... well, honestly I have no clue what its purpose might be. It's black on both sides, and glossy too, so the only text on the back is an apology that the sender had a hard time finding a pen that would write on it. Next time send a real card you silly bint! And the white one beneath? Don't ask. It's white, nothing more to say. The stamps on the other side are neat though.

Finally I also found an adorable lil' gorilla baby which made me (and Mom who's the actual ape-fanatic) squeal with delight. Though personally I must admit my favorite here is the postcard right next to the monkey, with a girl sitting in a reading chair and a stack of books, plus teacup by her side. This is sooo me!

Now you probably also want to know whether any of these cards reached me from some exotic destination. Not really, however I did find some rarer European countries among them, including a first time card from Denmark, Estonia and Portugal. Next time I hope to find one from Christmas Island, right in time for, you already guessed, Christmas.

Imagine you'd take up Postcrossing - what kind of card designs would you like to receive? Let me know!


  1. hum good question i guess books, plushies and animals ( or flowers) in general but really i don't know

    1. Books are a given, though I'm surprised you didn't name garden/nature.

  2. Should I send you the post cards I collected from trips when I was a teenager? :)