Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Crafty Bookpile (August Edition)

Summertime and the crafting is easy! *humming a familiar tune*

Handmade Books (Suzanne McNeill)

750 Knitting Stitches (Erika Knight)

Stitch Stories (Cas Holmes)

Make Your Own Zoo (Tracey Radford)

And you can't get started on Christmas crafts early enough, wouldn't you agree?

Half Yard Christmas (Debbie Shore)

Handmade Christmas (Various)

We Love to Craft Christmas (Annabel Wrigley)

An Embroidered Christmas (Cheryl Fall)

Which of these August publications is right up your alley? Will you already get festively crafty this month? And last but not least - happy crafty reading, y'all!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Friday, July 24, 2015

Christmas in July Giveaway (Open WW)

Time to get into the Christmas spirit! Creatively, of course. So here's your chance to get colorfully crafty with Christmas Designs Artist's Coloring Book! All you need is a nice cool place in the shade and some crayons, but first you obviously have to enter this giveaway below! *ho ho ho*

Please note: This giveaway is open worldwide, but only for countries TBD offers free shipping to - please check here.

Congrats to Tamara M. from the USA!

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Adventures in Postcrossing #10

The goal of Postcrossing is to connect the world via real mail, by allowing you to exchange postcards with other random members around the world.

Things have been rather quiet on the Postcrossing front, at least for yours truly. Many of my travelling cards have decided to take the scenic route, needing forever to get registered by the recipients, which consequently translates in me not being able to send out all that many new postcards in recent weeks. I like to blame it on the season, after all, in the heat everything takes longer, plus I'm confident that things will speed up a bit come fall.

While I had initially planned on showing off some of my awesome vintage card collection this time - all courtesy of my dear friend Isabelle - I haven't found the time to take pictures of them yet (all right, time kinda slipped away and suddenly it was Wednesday evening aka time to panic about not having prepared a post for today). So I did what any sensible person (who just spent half an hour freaking out about the bad light which could only lead to horrible photos) would do - I decided to postpone this to my August update and instead randomly share some Postcrossing-related goodies for those Etsy-a-holics among us.

So, what are two of the most important things you'll need? Postcards for one, and the Postcrossing-ID which you have to write on the cards you send out ...

And how could I ever forget? Postcrossing is celebrating its 10th Anniversary on July 13th! *throwing confetti* And they thought snail mail was dead, duh!

560,693 members
216 countries
1,147 postcards/hour
30,674,830 postcards received
446,755 postcards traveling
155,396,970,571 km traveled
3,877,654 laps around the world

With all the previous posts about my postcard adventures I do wonder - have you taken up Postcrossing yet? Let me know!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Crafty Bookpile (July Edition)

Time to slap on some sunscreen and get a tan your crafty read on!

101 Socks (Oz Creative Series)
Origami Jewelry (Michael Lafosse & Richard Alexander)

50 Drawing Projects (Barrington Barber)

The Beginner's Guide to Making Scarfs (

Macrame Fashion Accessories & Jewelry (Sylvie Hooghe)

Upcycle Your Wardrobe (Mia F├╝hrer)

Silk Painting & Batik Project Book (Susie Stokoe)

The Art of Cardboard (Lori Zimmer)

Which of these books appeals to your inner crafter? Any July publications you're looking forward to? And last but not least - happy crafty reading, y'all!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Crafty Book Giveaway (Open WW)

Welcome to a new series of giveaways on my blog which will inspire you to get bookishly crafty! 

In this month's giveaway you can get your hands on a copy of either Everything Alice or Everything Oz by Hannah Read-Baldrey and Christine Leech! These charming books offer wonderfully creative craft projects to make, bake and decorate for fans of Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz!

Please note: This giveaway is open worldwide, but only for countries TBD offers free shipping to - please check here.

Congrats to Natalie B. from the USA!

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