Thursday, May 14, 2015

Adventures in Postcrossing #8

The goal of Postcrossing is to connect the world via real mail, by allowing you to exchange postcards with other random members around the world.

As there haven't been that many new postcards arriving recently, I decided to present you a big haul next time. I think we're definitely developing a pattern here, but that's fine and really goes quite well with my actual card writing mojo too.

I previously mentioned that Sunday is my dedicated Postcrossing day and this is still the case. Yet I have now started switching between writing my postcards on a weekly and two-weekly basis. If I don't reach my personal five-card-threshold on any given Sunday, I will wait until next week when I will (most likely) be able to send quite a few more. This system may seem a bit odd, but we all have our little quirks, right?

Since taking up Postcrossing again last October I have been really lucky when it comes to my postcards getting registered and having none expire so far (which happens when it doesn't get registered within 60 days - sometimes mail takes ages and sometimes things get lost). Yet I have found myself in a bit of a card-sending slump lately. Some of my postcards have been travelling for an unusually long time and the respective recipients haven't been online for several weeks. Of course this doesn't mean those cards will never reach their destination, but it's a sad fact that some people loose interest in this hobby fast and simply don't log in anymore to register any incoming postcards. Of course I won't let this dampen the overall fun, but I am not happy with the downside of having to wait for 60 days to be able to send another card.

Either way, how about a quick look at some new stamps on the Austrian postal horizon? I seem to have developed quite a soft spot for stamps now too and can't wait to find out about new ones becoming available each month.

With the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in Vienna this year there was a special stamp issued last month - I'm neither an ESC fan nor overly thrilled by the design, but obviously I had to stock up on a few just the same. The picture doesn't really capture this, but it's got this iridescent shimmer to it which makes it quite pretty after all!
Being fond of anything vintage and retro, however, I was instantly won over by another special issue stamp that is going to be released this month. It features an old-time favorite toy of kids in Austria (and other European countries too) - the Matador kit!

Do you have a dedicated time or day for writing cards and letters or do you simply write when inspiration strikes? Let me know!


  1. i write when i get the time so no special day but erhaps i will start to try to shedule one
    oh you start to get addicted to stamps?....good to know, good to know

    1. I guess the beautiful stamps I often find on cards made me appreciate stamps a lot more than just a few months ago. And of course, now I want to use special ones on cards I'm sending out too. I'm far from being a collector though, but who knows ... ask again in another few months. ;-)