Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Lucky Dip - Junkmill Relics

Where to go? Junkmill Relics

What to buy? Vintage Label Sampler

What does it cost? $5 plus shipping

What's it all about?
Need a little inspiration? Our label sampler pack is sure to get your creative gears ticking. These reproduction vintage labels are perfect for scrapbooking, altered arts, collage projects and more. Just peel the back and stick!
You will receive a random assortment of 16 stickers in a variety of sizes (.75" x 2.5" at the smallest). Order 2 or more sets, and I'll try my best to ensure that each pack has a different selection.
Professionally printed on high-end laser printers, the labels feature bold, true-to-life color and a satin finish for a true vintage feel. Arrives in our signature Junkmill packaging.

Vintage? Retro? Yes, please! When I first discovered Junkmill I was instantly taken by the cool digital collage sheets on offer. Sadly I'm lacking a decent printer and so I (luckily) only stayed long enough to find out about this sister shop where I indulged in two packs of label samplers. Not just delighted by the included variety of designs - from Apothecary to Victorian - I'm also impressed by the great paper quality used. Frankly, it's almost a shame to actually use these stickers, though I might start with the duplicate ones I got. And then invest in a new printer if you catch my drift.
Verdict? A fine example of nostalgic stickers galore!

Personal Favorite? Globetrotter Safety Matches Sticker

Are you as smitten by vintage design as I am? Would you rather use these stickers for scrapbooking or add them to a letter for that extra touch of nostalgia?


  1. not sure... those are perhaps better fitted for scrapbooking since they are ad's ( and what can i say i would prefer the real one^^;;)

    1. Now that you mention it - I think I will use them for craft projects too instead of putting them on cards (they are a bit too big for that anyway). And real ones ... ohhh, that'd be wonderful!

    2. hum i starting to think i should prepare you a vintage box for your pleasure^^

    3. Some ephemera from the "good old days" would be real neat with your letters - then again, you already send me such awesome vintage cards! :-)

  2. Hello. Thanks for featuring my stickers! So glad you like them. As a special thanks to you and your readers, please feel free to use coupon code PICTUREGARDEN to get free domestic shipping on all orders!

    1. Thanks so much! I will share the coupon code with my readers. :-)