Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Lucky Dip - Becka Griffin Illustration

What does it cost? £30 plus shipping

What's it all about?
This listing is for a three month subscription for monthly deliveries of Becka Griffin Illustration goodies. It's a great opportunity to stock up your "card drawer" and to get something nice delivered over the next few months.
There are two options, which will each comprise of three monthly deliveries of either:
Cards Only: You will receive a package of six greetings cards, suitable for a variety of occasions (with several birthday cards in each pack).
Cards and Extras: You will receive a package of four cards, suitable for a variety of occasions, plus some extra "bits" - eg stickers, notebooks, badges etc.
The value of each of these monthly options will be around £18-22 at the full retail price for the individual items. Where possible I will send out at least one brand new design in each pack. All items are seasonally appropriate and tied in baker's twine then packaged in tissue, and then a hardbacked envelope. Packages will be designed to fit through a normal-sized letter-box.
If you sign up before 28th of the month, your first delivery will be sent out at the beginning of the following month.

Sometimes one grab bag just isn't enough. That is where the concept of subscriptions comes in handy. As I love all kinds of stationary I opted for the version that includes both cards and extras, and aren't I glad I did? The spotlight may be on the greeting cards, but the variety of notebooks, badges and wrapping paper are without a doubt the icing on the cake. Awesome illustrations, original texts (aka puns), great product quality and *oh my cuteness* I am seriously smitten with those Alphabets. Addicted much? Let's just say I extended my subscription for another 3 months.
Verdict? An egg-cellent goodie pack for paper lovers!

Personal Favorite? March Package

Have you ever purchased a subscription for handmade goodies? Would you settle for the "cards only" version of rather go for the "cards and extras" like I did?


  1. i guess i would have picked teh extra as well but i never tried such kind of subscriptions

    1. It's my first handmade-goodies subscription too. After I saw an example of these mystery packs I new I had to sign up, so yes, getting a preview of what I can expect definitely helped in my decision and so far I loved everything I received.