Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy "Supernatural" Mail Giveaway (Open WW)

Inspired by the lovely Suze from Lavender likes, loves, finds and dreams I decided to spoil one of you with some HAPPY MAIL every now and again!

As the surprise factor is already half the fun, you won't know exactly what you'll receive, but I will give you a hint - if you love the series Supernatural then you definitely want to participate!

This time the prize will consist of two awesome Supernatural-themed necklaces (purchased by yours truly on Etsy) plus a few lil' extras will find their way into the envelope too! Excited much? I would hope so.

P.S.: Don't want to win a pig in a poke as the saying goes? Then simply sneak a peek to get a general idea of what may await you.

Congrats to Stephanie Y. from Canada!

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  1. it's sad tha etsy shop has closed.... i could have been tempted by teen wold theme as it seemed the safer one^^;;
    now i don't know supernatural... i perhaps watched 1 or 2 episodes so i'm not a fan but i know your tastes and such so i'm not fearful^^

    thank you for spreading the happiness this way

    1. The shop being temporarily closed coincided with my giveaway which is a shame, but life happens sometimes. And it's good that my "happy mail" decisions don't scare you. *lol*

  2. I love Supernatural and I love Happy Mail, thank you.

    1. Then this is the perfect giveaway for you - good luck! :-)