Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy "Easter" Mail Giveaway (Open WW)

Inspired by the lovely Suze from Lavender likes, loves, finds and dreams I decided to spoil one of you with some HAPPY MAIL every other week or so!

As the surprise factor is already half the fun, you won't know exactly what you'll receive, but I will give you a hint - if you love bunnies and chicks then you've come to the right place!

This time the prize will consist of a cute necklace and adorable fabric egg warmers (purchased by yours truly on Etsy) plus some extra delicious surprises will find their way into the envelope too!

P.S.: Want to see the eggs before hunting for them? Sorry, no spoilers for you today. *wink*

Congrats to Karen M. from the UK!

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  1. eggs warmer? not sure in what that consist^^;; i have no doubt you will make some one happy thought;)

    1. They are used to keep the breakfast eggs on the table warm :-D you can see an example of what they look like here:

  2. oh that^^, thank you for telling me ( we learn new things every day^^)

  3. that is such a great idea I love it thank you for the great tip!

  4. thank you for hosting this wonderful Easter Event..:-)