Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Austrian Etsy - Maqaroon

Maqaroon offers a minimalistic and affordable collection of gold-plated jewelry inspired by kawaii culture, with a luxurious take on the Asian "sweets deco" style, which is both cute and playful yet elegant enough for everyday wear.

Copyright of all photos belongs to Maqaroon


  1. oki i must say that i don't understand thsi interest for food and sweet in jewellery ... it's a personnal taste of course but it's sound too strange for me^^;;

    1. Well, some people like jewelry inspired by flowers or animals, so there is quite a spectrum of themes. As for myself I find these pieces "sweet" and to me they aren't too obviously "food" at least nor compared to, say, a pendant reminiscent of a pizza slice (now that would be really weird).

    2. ^^ perhaps it's because macarosn are a french sweet so really common in pmy country too ( i would not wear a french fries necklace either erk)