Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Austrian Etsy - Good Wit Knit

Good Wit Knit is wielding the knitting needles to keep (wo)man's best friend comfortably warm with cozy merino wool knits, providing customizable snoods and sweaters for Whippets, Italian Greyhounds and other Sighthounds.

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  1. some would see and think it stupid i know, but for these kind of dogs who have health risk i think it's super cute and well though.
    i did made a small scarf for my dog too ( not teh same kind since it's fur is longer) when he needed it and he came to ask it to be put before going for a walk^^

    the cat got a collar made from my first attempt and to my suprise not only he did accept it to be put around his neck but we can't take it off now ( i will need to make a new better one one day thought^^)

    so yes sometimes human have to step in and i would not mind one like that if it could keep the end of teh back warm for my dog to lessen teh arthritis... will have to learn, to knit even more now^^

    1. I don't find this strange or stupid at all - some breeds need a little extra warmth, so this is a great solution! What I personally can't stand is when dogs are dressed in funny costumes - that's so ridiculous when they wear tutu's or cowboy hats!

      Obviously your dog likes his scarf :-) though it's funny to hear even your cat appreciates a collar as they are usually not very cooperative when it comes to wearing anything.

    2. ^^ the cat surprised me because his collar he hates but the one i made he loves^^;; he grew up i guess
      now funny costume or worse coloring them that's completely dregading.....the only one i did something loosly related is for carnaval.... i put a card around my dog neck asking for oranges but only because he loves them ( and itwas for him)....he knew it because each time someone came near he stood up to show the pancarde proudly ( he did get 3 and a lot of compliment^^) so a little carton for 2h can make some happy ^^;;( i will have to check if i have a picture) now he prefer to avoid people as they are not as friendly as in the past