Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Lucky Dip - Gertie & Baxter

Where to go? Gertie & Baxter

What to buy? Headband Grab Bag

What does it cost? $10 plus shipping

What's it all about?
Headband grab bag sale where you can receive 10 of our super cute headbands at an amazingly discounted price! You may get a knit, a jersey, a braid, any mix of 10 of our lovely headbands! 
With the grab bag you will not be able to chose the item that you will receive, this is a surprise item from our collection. We do not tell you what item you will get, and that's part of the fun! Our collection of grab bag items are from this season, some from last season, and some of our new items not even listed yet!

Considering that you'd normally pay as much for one headband this was really a no-brainer. Behold the bounty I received - a colorful and varied mix of jersey and lace headbands! Now what will I do with ten headbands and only one head? The way I see it - so many occasions so little much variety to choose from. Seeing how the styles range from playful to sportive these work at a summer picnic as well as at the gym or even just to get the hair out of your face when you put on a face mask. Added bonus, they make having a bad hair day a little less of a pain.
Verdict? A super stylish hair accessories bargain!

Personal Favorite? Pink Ombre Headband

Do you generally like wearing hair accessories? Would you rather use a headband to spruce up an every-day outfit or just to conveniently keep your mane under control while working out? 


  1. mostly to keep my hair under control lately before it was more like beuty accessory^^ i like teh grey one and one floral one

    1. Who says that keeping your hair under control can't look pretty, right? Oh and which of the floral ones do you like - the white/pink on the right or the white/blue/orange on the left?