Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Crafty Bookpile (February Edition)

Welcome to the February edition of crafty books galore!

Handmade Style (Anna Graham)

Graphic Style Lab (Steven Heller)

Knit your Own Boyfriend (Carol Meldrum)

Handmade for Baby (Charlotte Rivers and Emily Gregory)

Decorative Knots (Kat Hartmann)

Learn to Crochet Kit (Deborah Burger)

Mixed Media Handbook (Kimberly Santiago)

Paper Cuts (Louise Firchau)

Do any of these books inspire you to get crafty? Any February publications on your wishlist which you'd like to share with me? And last but not least - happy crafty reading, y'all!


  1. how to crochet kit could be really useful or the mixed media....

    i don't know at this time i'm not inspired^^;;

    1. I guess my problem is that I find too many books interesting, but simply don't find the time to try myself on even one new thing. *sigh*