Saturday, January 31, 2015

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Crafty Bookpile (February Edition)

Welcome to the February edition of crafty books galore!

Handmade Style (Anna Graham)

Graphic Style Lab (Steven Heller)

Knit your Own Boyfriend (Carol Meldrum)

Handmade for Baby (Charlotte Rivers and Emily Gregory)

Decorative Knots (Kat Hartmann)

Learn to Crochet Kit (Deborah Burger)

Mixed Media Handbook (Kimberly Santiago)

Paper Cuts (Louise Firchau)

Do any of these books inspire you to get crafty? Any February publications on your wishlist which you'd like to share with me? And last but not least - happy crafty reading, y'all!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Austrian Etsy - The Vintage Raisin

The Vintage Raisin takes you on a journey back in time with vintage treasure finds that are both useful and eye-catching, sure to delight fans of elegant Art Deco and cool retro pieces alike with their nostalgic charm of yesteryear.

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Copyright of all photos belongs to The Vintage Raisin

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Lucky Dip - The ElleBee Tree

Where to go? The ElleBee Tree

What to buy? BOXY POUCH Grab Bag

What does it cost? $5 plus shipping

What's it all about?
With this listing you will receive one boxy pouch of my choosing. It may come in any color, pattern or weight, ranging from medium to heavy.
I will not let you know before hand which bag you are receiving - it is all part of the fun!
You may receive any item listed currently in my shop or maybe an item that is not even listed yet!
All bags are serged throughout for a professional and durable finish. The bag will be made with a new, high quality ykk zipper. Dimensions (approx.): 7” Long, 3” Tall, 3” Wide

With a prevalence of lime green I couldn't help but humming the Harry Lime Theme while unwrapping my purchase. Soundtrack aside, I was instantly pleased with the appealingly versatile fabric designs and the general color theme of blues and greens suits my taste as well. Once I puffed one of the pouches into shape it revealed a perfect size for toiletries too. Then I discovered that they have no lining. Picture me puzzled. While the bags seem sturdy enough this was rather unexpected. Of course, maybe I'm just too much of a s(ew)nob to even mention this.
Verdict? A fun boxy fabric surprise at a great discount!
Side Note: The option to additionally purchase a lining has now been added to the listing's text, probably courtesy to my respective review.

Personal Favorite? Blue and Purple Floral Pouch

Are you as fond of cute little bags as I am? Would you declare such a boxy pouch a keeper and fill it up with make-up and stuff or generously give one as a gift to someone dear instead?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Austrian Etsy - obowodo

obowodo specializes in fine art prints made from original paintings spanning from the figurative to the abstract, bringing a touch of rustic charm into your home and accentuating your office walls with unworldly impressions that invite your eyes to linger.

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Copyright of all photos belongs to obowodo

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Adventures in Postcrossing #4

The goal of Postcrossing is to connect the world via real mail, by allowing you to exchange postcards with other random members around the world.

Before I say anything else, be warned - this is a picture-heavy post! All right, three photos, but typically one will do. Courtesy to my December vacation and the fact that a decent amount of cards (at least considering that I just recently jumped on the card-writing-wagon again, with only a maximum of ten postcards travelling at a time) found their way into my mailbox during the past two months, I simply couldn't cram them all in one photo as I neither have enough space (aka small and charmingly cluttered apartment) to do so, nor would anyone be able to appreciate the individual cards if they were all so tiny in the picture. 

That being said, let's feast our eyes on the massive Postcrossing haul. As you can see, the designs are wonderfully varied and apparently the note that I like tea-time didn't go unnoticed, so those are probably my secret favorites this time. Now where did they all come from? Belarus, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, Slovenia, Taiwan, Ukraine, the UK and the USA. No super exotic places as far as Postcrossing stats of all countries suggest, yet I'm hopeful to one day hold a card in my hands with a 3- or 4-digit ID* written on it - that'd be majorly cool!

*Germany is already in the 7-digit zone with almost 3,5 million cards sent and Austria, in comparison, has 6-digit IDs slowly working its way up to 200.000 (so in a way, getting a card from me is maybe not quite exotic, but definitely special)

Are you a snail-mail enthusiast yourself or maybe even part of the Postcrossing community? Let me know!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Austrian Etsy - b creative

b creative is all about the love of designing and creating one-of-a-kind pieces, often made from vintage and recycled materials, which are skillfully transformed into both beautiful and convenient bags for everyone from shopaholics to crafters.

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Copyright of all photos belongs to b creative

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Lucky Dip - Gertie & Baxter

Where to go? Gertie & Baxter

What to buy? Headband Grab Bag

What does it cost? $10 plus shipping

What's it all about?
Headband grab bag sale where you can receive 10 of our super cute headbands at an amazingly discounted price! You may get a knit, a jersey, a braid, any mix of 10 of our lovely headbands! 
With the grab bag you will not be able to chose the item that you will receive, this is a surprise item from our collection. We do not tell you what item you will get, and that's part of the fun! Our collection of grab bag items are from this season, some from last season, and some of our new items not even listed yet!

Considering that you'd normally pay as much for one headband this was really a no-brainer. Behold the bounty I received - a colorful and varied mix of jersey and lace headbands! Now what will I do with ten headbands and only one head? The way I see it - so many occasions so little much variety to choose from. Seeing how the styles range from playful to sportive these work at a summer picnic as well as at the gym or even just to get the hair out of your face when you put on a face mask. Added bonus, they make having a bad hair day a little less of a pain.
Verdict? A super stylish hair accessories bargain!

Personal Favorite? Pink Ombre Headband

Do you generally like wearing hair accessories? Would you rather use a headband to spruce up an every-day outfit or just to conveniently keep your mane under control while working out? 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Austrian Etsy - AMATUM

AMATUM puts a twist into the art of jewelry making with unique statement pieces that surprise with bold shapes and an extra pop of color, perfect for emphasizing not just a bohemian style but adding that certain something to any outfit.

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Copyright of all photos belongs to AMATUM

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Crafty Bookpile (January Edition)

What better way to start into the new year than by putting some more reading material on that crafty bookpile!

Stash and Smash Journal (Alex A. Lluch)

Fabric Printing at Home (Julie B. Booth)

365 Hints & Tips for Drawing & Sketching (Katherine Tyrell)

Hands-On Mosaic (Les Editions de Saxe)

More Monster Knits for Little Monsters (Nuriya Khegay)

The Organic Artist (Nick Neddo)

Fairy Tale Sewing (Heidi Boyd)

Paper Pieced Home (Penny Layman)

Which of these books piques your curiosity? Any January publications you are especially looking forward too? And last but not least - happy crafty reading, y'all!

Winter Giveaway (Open WW)

Welcome to a wintery wonderful giveaway on my blog! 

If you love Etsy as much as I do, you will be excited to hear that I will be giving away an €20 or £15 Etsy Gift Card this month.*

Please note that I am only able to send the gift card in these two currencies and not in US-Dollars! You may however use any gift card currency for purchases on Etsy, no matter where you live; to do so you simply need to browse the site in the currency of your gift card. 
Find out more about how you can redeem and use a gift card balance on an order here

*a non-EU winner may alternatively choose an $20 Amazon GC or $20 in Paypal cash

Congrats to Ana C. from Portugal!

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