Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Lucky Dip - The Yearning Robot

Where to go? The Yearning Robot

What does it cost? $1 plus shipping

What's it all about?
What will you get? It's a mystery! At a dollar, what do you have to lose?
Any item sold or once sold in the shop may be included in this order. This item can be purchased on its own or in addition to other purchases.

Call me a skeptic, but I'm usually a bit weary when it comes to $1 bargains. Yet the worst that can happen is loosing out on a buck, right? I ordered five of these mystery items, due to curiosity and to make the most out of the shipping cost. Lo and behold the bounty I found in the envelope! Two greeting cards and three art prints all of which are adorable and, as it goes without saying, offer such great value. This is not just a fantastic way to get to know different stuff from the shop, but perfect for stocking up on stocking stuffers too (Christmas card already included)!

Personal Favorite? Umbrella Greeting Card

Would you be able to resist a 1-Dollar bargain? Are you like me, already stocking up on lil' gifts throughout the year to be given at Christmas? And which of the shown cards/prints is your favorite?


  1. i will try to start early to gather several gifts for next christmas but 1dollar( 1euro) bargain are not my thing ( and how did i miss this post?!)

    1. Usually I steer clear of such bargains too, but in this particular case it's an amazing value as all the items are also available at full price and the mystery items are (which is my guess) overstock getting cleared out. So, no regrets here!