Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Lucky Dip - Joelles Emporium

Where to go? Joelles Emporium

What does it cost? £1,50+ plus shipping

What's it all about?
Here I have a huge selection of my art/sketches/illustrations available as custom stickers! Some completely exclusive and not found anywhere else - I have a lot more available designs than pictured. You will either receive a random selection of 10 stickers or 5. The stickers vary in size but the largest ones are around 4x4".

I've always been fond of using stickers to spruce up letters or even to hide scratches on the front of a shelf. Here I couldn't resist the lovely drawings and the obvious surprise factor always lures me in anyway. I am really pleased with the variety of stickers in my two grab bags, coming in all different shapes and sizes, with designs that range from cute to enchanting, making it a great way of discovering the artist behind them. Not just perfect for personalizing cards, some will be used in my plans to dabble with journaling too. A lucky glue-tastic dip!

Personal Favorite? Eyes in Blue (left side, middle)

Are stickers something you generally like to use? If so, what are your preferred places to put them on? And would you agree that they lend a nice touch on cards or in DIY projects?


  1. my favourites in your bag are teh animals ( pisces!! horoscope sign) and the sapin'sapple ( not sure of teh english name). those are really well done
    When i was little i was loving sticker quite a lot and i remember havuing a huge stack of them ( it was cheaper at teh time) now when i see where i put them i regret not having kept them for actual letter and such^^

    ^^ i will perhaps some that i have left in future letter for you now hat i know you like that^^

    1. Another thing we have in common ... I had a huge sticker collection as a child/teenager and I put them everywhere. My bedroom door was literally covered with them. Later on I rather collected them than used them. Today I might not own that many, but I don't leave them in a drawer either. It'd be a shame not to use/share them!

    2. i put most of them on my desk side ^^;;