Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Crafty Bookpile (December Edition)

Welcome to the December edition filled with crafty reading material!

(Margaret Hubert)
(Kristen TenDyke)

(Emily Chen)
(Beate Schmitz)

(Debbie Shore)
(Choly Knight)

(Marion Elliot)
(Lucy Painter)

Which of these books have caught your attention? Any particular December publications on your crafty radar? And last but not least - happy crafty reading, y'all!


  1. the complete photo guide to knitting could be very VERY useful to me as i need to learn then the 2 book to swe project could be useful for future gift as well

    no one on my radar ( i must say i'm not searching about those but i LOVE discovbering them via your blog)

    1. I find so many interesting books when I prepare these posts, but knowing me it would be as it is with cookbooks - I'd enjoy the photos, but feel too hesitant to try much of anything. At least looking at pictures can be inspirational too, even if you don't go along with the instructions and just use bits and pieces of ideas for things you've got already planned.