Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Austrian Etsy - Linen and Wood

Old-fashioned? I don't think so.

Linen and Wood is all about the love for antique linen, reclaimed wood and other vintage things. From linen cushions made of antique grain-sacks straight to traditional vintage dresses these textile treasures spruce up your home (and you) in styles reminiscent of yesteryear!

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Copyright of all photos belongs to Linen and Wood


  1. na das ist ja eine super liebe überraschung! vielen herzlichen dank!! freu!!! ein neuer ansporn für meine nächsten nähvorhaben.... alles liebe und viele grüsse, nik

  2. i love the idea!! and it sound lovely ( i hate to throw away thing so i'm trying to create new thing with what i got from my grand mother house lon,g agao)

    1. Those are the moments I'm sad that I don't really own any "old" things from my grandparents which I could upcycle. Obviously that makes it even more wonderful to find such antique treasures in this lovely shop.

    2. i guess that's teh advantage og being a hoalder too^^;; i can't throw away thing^^;;
      you did get a little piece of it you know with the box i send you ^^ i used teh green tissee coupon i had left from her ( though i still wonder what she made with it at the first time because i have found nothing similar used)

    3. You know, I really REALLY need to go through the boxes from my grandma which are stored in the garage. I'm fairly certain there is mostly junk inside, but probably several vintage pieces too (I doubt there will be any fabrics though). I'll put this on my list for stuff to do next spring!