Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Austrian Etsy - Boundless Bookbindery

Zero calories bookish treats anyone?

Boundless Bookbindery brings a delicious selection of beautiful hand-bound books onto your shelf. These cake-shaped triangular books are inspired by Viennese (and other) delicacies catering to the taste of every notebook loving gourmet. Yummy indeed!

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Copyright of all photos belongs to Boundless Bookbindery


  1. not really my cup of tea^^ it's not well done but my first impression was" they did not dare cut a book!" so i don't know.... those are just for show or kind of notebook ... personnaly i would prefer a simplier one but for cake lover i can see the interest

    1. Don't worry - no books have been harmed in the process! :-)
      Personally I like the idea of these cake-slice-shaped books, especially for special occasions, eg everyone leaving a message inside at a wedding would be a lovely idea.

    2. i guess at an event like that yes it could be useful and fun