Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Crafty Bookpile (December Edition)

Welcome to the December edition filled with crafty reading material!

(Margaret Hubert)
(Kristen TenDyke)

(Emily Chen)
(Beate Schmitz)

(Debbie Shore)
(Choly Knight)

(Marion Elliot)
(Lucy Painter)

Which of these books have caught your attention? Any particular December publications on your crafty radar? And last but not least - happy crafty reading, y'all!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Austrian Etsy - Made by Vezsuzsi

Pretty as a picture!

Made by Vezsuzsi specializes in unique hand-stitched felt and leather accessories. From chic wallets and pouches straight to whimsical animal necklaces and plush toys this is an absolute insider tip for Dad's and husbands to spoil their ladies!

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Copyright of all photos belongs to Made by Vezsuzsi

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Austrian Etsy - Eleanor's Photography

Unique female art prints for unusual girls.

Eleanor's Photography puts mannequins in the spotlight, conveying a serene beauty as well as a surprising vulnerability of these eerily human-like figures. Welcome to a world of artistically powerful photos and collages that let your eyes and thoughts linger!

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Copyright of all photos belongs to Eleanor's Photography

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Lucky Dip - Joelles Emporium

Where to go? Joelles Emporium

What does it cost? £1,50+ plus shipping

What's it all about?
Here I have a huge selection of my art/sketches/illustrations available as custom stickers! Some completely exclusive and not found anywhere else - I have a lot more available designs than pictured. You will either receive a random selection of 10 stickers or 5. The stickers vary in size but the largest ones are around 4x4".

I've always been fond of using stickers to spruce up letters or even to hide scratches on the front of a shelf. Here I couldn't resist the lovely drawings and the obvious surprise factor always lures me in anyway. I am really pleased with the variety of stickers in my two grab bags, coming in all different shapes and sizes, with designs that range from cute to enchanting, making it a great way of discovering the artist behind them. Not just perfect for personalizing cards, some will be used in my plans to dabble with journaling too. A lucky glue-tastic dip!

Personal Favorite? Eyes in Blue (left side, middle)

Are stickers something you generally like to use? If so, what are your preferred places to put them on? And would you agree that they lend a nice touch on cards or in DIY projects?

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Austrian Etsy - atamayka

Look who's hiding behind the doodles!

atamayka makes an art out of finding people by staring at serendipitous lines and bringing them to life through watercolor paintings and ceramic sculptures. This intriguing game of discovery makes these pieces truly unique decorations for your home!

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Website / Shop

Copyright of all photos belongs to atamayka

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Austrian Etsy - Limabaum

Take a look into a sew-tastic treasure trove!

Limabaum is the place where you will find one-of-a-kind handbags, purses, pouches and book-covers. Made from cotton or linen fabrics, with adorable designs and patterns, they certainly appeal to people of all ages. Cuteness factor? Super high.

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Copyright of all photos belongs to Limabaum

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Adventures in Postcrossing #2

The goal of Postcrossing is to connect the world via real mail, by allowing you to exchange postcards with other random members around the world.

Let it be said that getting back to Postcrossing has been one of the best decisions I recently made. Why? Happy mailbox equals a happy me! I stocked up on postcards and stamps. I bookmarked pages with quotes on writing letters and sending mail. I even established a pattern, or maybe you could call it a schedule, because there's no harm in a bit of a routine. Sunday is now my dedicated Postcrossing day when I will request new addresses in the afternoon, sip some hot tea while thinking about brilliant things to write on the cards, and sending them on their merry way on Monday morning. Depending on how many of my previously sent postcards got registered during the week I usually send out between three and five new cards each week. On the receiving end it has been a bit more quiet than last month, then again some countries still use donkeys to transport mail, so it might take a bit longer for them to arrive or, as a wonderful alternative, they are being shipped in from far off exotic lands like, say, Christmas Island. 

And it's time to take a look at the postcards that sat in my mailbox this past month. They rolled in from Belarus, Germany, India, Russia, Spain, and the USA. So, obviously, the first place in the category "far-off and exotic lands" goes to India and extra bonus points for *let me take a deep breath* the motive showing Mount Everest. I mean, how cool is that? Though my personal favorite is, without a doubt, the vintage Disney World card. *sigh*

Have you heard about Postcrossing before? Or maybe you already are a happy Postcrosser? Let me know!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Austrian Etsy - [ka:nt]

One of a kind leisure & pleasure!

[ka:nt] fills your dresser drawers with strictly unique panties and other gorgeous underthings. From cozy cashmere knickers to retro style high waist pants you'll find OOAK pieces for every taste and *pssst* you may not just spoil yourself but your boyfriend too!

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Copyright of all photos belongs to [ka:nt]

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Austrian Etsy - Boundless Bookbindery

Zero calories bookish treats anyone?

Boundless Bookbindery brings a delicious selection of beautiful hand-bound books onto your shelf. These cake-shaped triangular books are inspired by Viennese (and other) delicacies catering to the taste of every notebook loving gourmet. Yummy indeed!

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Copyright of all photos belongs to Boundless Bookbindery

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Lucky Dip - La Papierre

Where to go? La Papierre

What does it cost? $10 plus shipping

What's it all about?
Order this grab bag and you will receive 20 different postcards! A fun surprise for anyone who likes snail mail. Send a few to your penpals and keep a few ... Only $0.50 each!
These postcards are professionally printed on premium, 215 gsm glossy cardstock, have rounded corners and measure 4.25" x 5.5" (139mm x 107mm). You will get a mix of English (postcard) and French (carte postale) backs. This kit comes nicely packaged in a clear resealable cello bag.

What happens when you take up card writing again and you're blessed with a soft spot for surprises? A postcard-sized shopping splurge, of course. Not only are the cards in this pack wonderfully different compared to your run-of-the-mill shop bought ones, I love the whole cuteness factor and the vintage feel of the designs. Admittedly they aren't as thick as normal postcards, but I've sent similar cardstock before and it survived the trip through the mail just fine. Both pretty and such a steal I can recommend these to card-lover's near and far!

Personal Favorite? Edgar Allen Poe Card

Are you a fan of snail mail or do you prefer the convenience of sending e-mails? When was the last time you actually sent someone a postcard and what was the occasion? And if these cards get you all excited - have you checked out my recent Postcrossing post yet?

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Austrian Etsy - Mostlikely Design

Unusual decorative objects? Welcome home!

Mostlikely Design started out by cutting a hole in a donkey mask and putting a light through. These days their first design, the unique animal DIY lampshades, have been joined by eye-catching silver pendants and elegant figurines manufactured by renowned Augarten Porcelain!

1 / 23 / 4 / 5

Copyright of all photos belongs to Mostlikely Design

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Austrian Etsy - Linen and Wood

Old-fashioned? I don't think so.

Linen and Wood is all about the love for antique linen, reclaimed wood and other vintage things. From linen cushions made of antique grain-sacks straight to traditional vintage dresses these textile treasures spruce up your home (and you) in styles reminiscent of yesteryear!

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Copyright of all photos belongs to Linen and Wood

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Crafty Bookpile (November Edition)

Welcome to the November edition of bookishly crafty goodness!

(Jade Gedeon)
(Ellie Baker and Susan Goldstine)

(Dirk Von Manteuffel)
(Emma Hardy)

(France Belleville-Van Stone)
(Gabriel Campanario)

(Sandu Cultural Media, Ed.)
(Jane Means)

Will any of these books make it onto your wishlist? Any November publications that you're particularly looking forward to? And last but not least - happy crafty reading, y'all!

The Crafty Reader - November Giveaway (Open WW)

Welcome back to another edition of sharing some litera(l)y crafty inspiration. If you ask me, you can never go wrong with the classics, especially if you throw some craft projects into the mix. So in case you were unaware of this, I'm also book blogging over at The Book Garden and have devoted these giveaways to my passion for books and crafting.

In this month's giveaway you can get your hands on Jane Austen's Sewing Box: Craft Projects & Stories from Jane Austen's Novels by Jennifer Forest!

Please note: This giveaway is open worldwide, but only for countries TBD offers free shipping to - please check here.

Congrats to Amber C. from Australia!

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