Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Lucky Dip - DyfalDonc

Where to go? DyfalDonc

What does it cost? £5 plus shipping

What's it all about? In each mystery bag there is 3 pieces of ephemera jewellery
You could get a large necklace or small necklace or earrings or large brooch or small brooch
Any combination possible and any style, it's a mystery!! That's why it's a Lucky Dip and all for £5.00!! Each piece of jewellery may come from our: floral, 60's wallpaper, black and white photography, birds, sea life or postage stamp collections!

Guess who couldn't escape the old-fashioned flair of ephemera? Commonly used for scrapbooking, it obviously makes for stylish pieces to wear too. Before anyone starts wondering why there are six and not three pieces shown - two grab bags, one box (the theory being that each of the lucky dips consists of one necklace and two brooches). As much as I'm happy with the designs I did receive, it is a bit of a shame that no piece with 60s wallpaper has been included, because those patterns rock. Still, a lovely variety of delightfully nostalgic accessories!

Personal Favorite? Vintage Photo Heart Necklace

Do vintage designs and retro patterns make your heart beat faster too? Have you ever seen ephemera being used to create jewelry? And would you agree that the brooches make for cute lapel pins?


  1. hum i must say that i'm quite disappointed this time... after reading teh description i was waiting something different i guess.
    it's well done but not something i would want either

    1. Well, grab bags can be hit or miss sometimes, yet I'm obviously glad I ended up liking what I received. There's just something about using ephemera that speaks to the vintage/retro lover in me.