Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Lucky Dip - Charming Charms UK

Where to go? Charming Charms UK

What does it cost? £14.99 plus shipping

What's it all about? This listing is for a surprise grab bag of my old stock. By old I mean made sometime last year and has already been re-listed once or twice. [...] Everything is in perfect condition, no faulty chains or clasps, and will come packaged as carefully and as lovely as all my other items I currently have listed. You will receive a minimum of 10 items [...]. Considering I rarely list anything for less than £4.99 you stand to make an absolute minimum of a £34.99 saving.
I may also include, as free extras on top of your minimum amount of items, any jewellery or bits and bobs that didn't make the grade for my shop. [...]
I've got pin badges, charm key-rings, picture key-rings, glass key-rings, glass stud earrings, charm earrings, resin frame necklaces, charm necklaces, glass tile necklaces, rings, magnets, faux druzy jewellery, star-sign jewellery, brooches, hair pins, scrabble tile jewellery, bottle cap jewellery and more. Please note I have more necklaces than anything else so you may recieve more than one, though the design will differ. I've got jewellery inspired by Harry Potter, Sherlock (BBC), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lord of the Rings, Disney, Disney Princesses, Disney Villains, Creepy Disney Princesses, Game of Thrones, Halloween Jewellery, Supernatural, Dr.Who, Tru Blood, Avatar: the last Airbender, and the legend of Korra. If it matters to you please let me know in the 'notes to seller' section which 3 of the list above you'd prefer.

Long listing text. Making choices. Let's cut right to the chase. I picked Buffy, Lord of the Rings, and Supernatural. I chose the latter randomly and in hindsight I should have gone for Sherlock instead, but never mind. The important thing is that I'm real pleased with my haul which included lots of keepers and a handful of pieces for gifting purposes too. To round things off, each item came individually wrapped which added to the Christmas morning feeling and there was even a list included, explaining what is what. Happy much? Super (naturally).

Personal Favorite? "Bilbo Baggins" Bag Charm

Would you proudly wear jewelry inspired by books/movies or do you find them a bit cheesy? Which of the options available would have been your own choices? And don't the Vampire necklace and earrings make for a great Halloween getup?


  1. i'm not fond of the teeth jewellery^^ ( oki perhaps on a halloween party but then^^)
    i guess i would have picked game of the throne, lord of teh ring and for the third one i absolutely don't know^^
    it's lovely as a pack yes^^

    as would i wear them proudly? it depends on the articles^^;; ( you know i'm quite discreet)

    1. For Halloween the vampire set is cute though I wouldn't wear it on a normal day either. I think, generally speaking, such fan-inspired pieces probably aren't for everyday use but for leisure time and not at the office. Unless you work for Frankenstein, then some of these items might impress your boss. *lol*

    2. hey it depends also where you work^^ in a shop dedicated to books and movie it could be an asset