Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Austrian Etsy - Cornelia Lentze

Glass? Classy!

Cornelia Lentze specializes in designing and creating beautiful lampwork beads in her artist's studio. From the ever popular beads for charm bracelets straight to cute flower dangles, the love for intricate detail is evident in each piece of the collection. Charmingly charming indeed!

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Copyright of all photos belongs to Cornelia Lentze


  1. it's really gorgeous and could please a lot of people since the result is always different and thus quite original, the necklace is gorgeous perhaps too big and long for me but for long neck it would be stunning

    1. Oh I'm amazed at the attention to detail given to creating these beads! And I agree, the necklace is stunning - I certainly wouldn't mind wearing it at all, preferably over a sweater and not showing that much cleavage though.