Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Lucky Dip - Shrinking Violet

Where to go? Shrinking Violet

What to buy? Lucky Dip Bag

What does it cost? £5 plus shipping

What's it all about? A beautiful little lucky dip bag with a selection of my designs. You will get two of my unique greetings cards, a piece of jewellery and a pocket mirror.

Want to know my secret motto? If one bag is lucky, two are even luckier. Opening them up I was instantly smitten by the unique flock of geometric shapes fluttering by. Without a doubt surprising, as I'm not much of a bird fan, I totally adore the ones included here, not just on a card, but a necklace and pocket mirror as well. Of course there is also a bit of a downside. The cat is already lurking. So it is decided, the cat card will be the first getting sent. My verdict? A super fun little treat for yourself and a friend too (not that I'd actually share *wink*).

Personal Favorite? Geometric Bird Pocket Mirror

How do you like these colorful geometric designs? Are you always carrying around a pocket mirror in your purse like I do? And last but not least, which of the two lucky dip bags is your personal favorite?


  1. oh no i don't have a pocket mirror in my bag.. perhaps the only thing i don't have in ity by the way ( why i didn't think of that)
    it's really interesting yes ( the neclace isn't in paper i hope^^)
    favourite bag i would say i prefer the pocket mirror of bag 1 (the necklace is also cute) but for the card i prefer bag 2 ( super complicated i know^^)

    1. See, I never had one in my handbag either, but the older I get the more stuff I haul around, hahaha!
      The necklaces are made of plastic, so they look real sturdy and not at risk of dissolving in the rain.