Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Lucky Dip - DC Bijou

Where to go? DC Bijou

What does it cost? $12 plus shipping

What's it all about? You will receive a total of 4 boxes, wrapped with a strip of washi tape and a DCBijou butterfly sticker. The contents inside will be a surprise for you - as I've already boxed and taped everything, not even I can tell what's inside the boxes I reach for!
Minimum approximate value for each set is $20, although individual pieces average closer to $10/item. [...] what you might get with your order, such as: - resin floral earrings, - macaron stud earrings, - button earrings, - semi-precious stone jewelry, - bracelets/necklaces/earrings made with Swarovski crystals and/or crystal pearls, - charms/accents in matte gold or rhodium.

Already familiar with the fantabulous fabric grab bag which I splurged on earlier this year, I couldn't resist and had to try this one as well. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount and variety of items I found in my lil' boxes ranging from romantic earrings to whimsical necklaces. While there are quite a few keepers some pieces will go straight into my drawer filled with things for gifting purposes. Overall a wonderful mix and super affordable to boot, though I must confess, my heart secretly belongs to the fabric version of these grab bags!

Personal Favorite? Victorian Cameo Necklace

Are you as fond of cameo jewelry as I am? Or maybe playful designs like these aren't to your taste and you prefer more modern jewelry? And do you also have a drawer filled with goodies that will make great stocking stuffers? 

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  1. at a time i had a drawer with jewellery i made myself to give away now i try to be more personnal when creating them
    the flower earrings are cute ( perhaps less the yellow one)