Sunday, August 3, 2014

Project 365 - Day 215


  1. is it the original package? because if it is it show how even teh same product can be different in each country^^

    1. Except for the splashes of color I added, yes, it's the original package (the sun and cloud are part of its design too). I was highly amused to read the line "Shake before opening, not after" ... wonder how often it does happen though, haha.

    2. oh believe me you don't want to know^^;; people can be really stupid sometimes ( when you see with what they come in emergency)
      i mean when you see the new " fun tendance" that what you to put yourself on fire and post a picture before extinguish it...really how stupid one must be to take such a risk i really don't see how they can be proud of themself for doing that

    3. You're right about that. So often you hear something on the news where someone got seriously hurt doing something incredibly stupid and usually it's not because they don't understand the danger, but they are simply bored and/or want to impress their equally stupid buddies.