Friday, August 1, 2014

Project 365 - Day 213


  1. i wonder at what hours you go wandering for those pics as it's often quite empty of people^^ ( the calm before teh storm?)

    1. To be honest, I simply prefer to take photos in solitary and serene settings with no or only few people walking around in front of my lens. Not sure why that is, but I noticed this too in all the pictures I posted so far - apparently I love close-up's of things AND quiet places.

    2. it's not something i don't like or anythiong don't worry in fact i quite enjoy those it make them so peaceful but here it's not easy to have "calm and quiet" time so i wondered if you had to go extra early or really late that's all^^

    3. Actually my photos are usually taken during the day, so I really don't get up super early for them. Instead I just "find" these quiet places to take pictures. But I do understand how you can get the impression I am out and about at 5 in the morning (though I probably wouldn't know how to work a camera that early, hahaha).