Saturday, June 28, 2014

Project 365 - Day 179


  1. 3dr attempt ( not it's not your blog just the comment system making me very angry this wxeek and not only here...; it doesn't appear at teh first try sometimes not even at teh second so i post and if i don't chack i don't see that the comment just never existed in a sense... at least on 2/3 blog so it's frustrating and time consumming but i will manage to tell you what i thought!)

    i don't think the water is drinkable ^^ but i get a peaceful feeling from this place... i don't know like it's a little hiodden place onlmy know by a few because other forgot or didn't pay attention... just an impression but reading there must be really great

    1. Definitely not drinkable, unless you're a dog. Joking aside, I really like finding these hidden spots that radiate history and this one also made for a wonderful stop to sit down in the shade on a hot day. I brought my own water bottle though, hahaha!

      P.S.: Your computer seems to have a life of its own ... have you tried a different browser?

    2. i love when you share those place with us^^

      my computer doesn't like change i guess but i don't mind retyping when it's for you ;)