Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Austrian Etsy - Musterladen

Who needs to see the writing on the wall, when you can view pretty pictures there instead?

Musterladen is all about adorning your home and office with beautiful vinyl decals. Moving from painting on canvas to interior design, Caroline started creating designs for wall decals in her home studio in Vienna, now bringing her designs onto people's walls and windows.

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Copyright of all photos belongs to Musterladen


  1. i love those, i got some ( about manga or film) because they can be taken off and put somewhere else ( up to 100 time) so it's useful when you don't have a lot of wall ( free one i mean^^) i put one on a door^^

    1. They're neat, aren't they? I haven't got much wall space either, so I really like your idea of putting them on a door.