Monday, April 21, 2014

Project 365 - Day 111


  1. so many memories i learned a long time ago that some surprises"topic" were exclusive to some country... a long LONG time ago while on holiday we had to make a detour to get some for my brother because it was starwar and he is a real fan^^
    chocolate though differ a lot in each country and to me german one for example is really bad ^^;;; ( so he had to eat them to keep the surprise with no help from me^^)

    1. Kinder Surprise eggs are fun with their cute collectible figurines and I can understand that, being a big Star Wars fan, your brother had to have them.
      And I know it's crazy how different chocolate can taste, sometimes even if it's the same brand. I once tasted Lindt chocolate produced in Germany and compared to one produced in Switzerland it was only half as good.