Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Lucky Dip - DC Bijou

Where to go? DC Bijou

What to buy? Mystery Box - Fabric Item Edition

What does it cost? $17 plus shipping

What's it all about? You will receive a total of 5 bagged items - as seen in the main photo, they will be packaged and tied with ribbon and a card. The contents inside will be a surprise for you - as I've already packaged everything, not even I can tell what's inside the bags I reach for!
Minimum approximate value for each set is $30, although individual pieces average closer to $10/item, so you'll get your money's worth and then some! [...] what you might get with your order, such as: zipper pouches for storing pencils/makeup/electronics/etc., business card cases/slim wallets, coasters, key fobs/fabric keychains, fabric flower brooches/pins.

Chevron chevron chevron. Some people get excited over polka dots and I get excited when I see chevron. I think we have a winner, both in content and in value. A great mix of bags, cases and pouches, plus the mysterious item to the left which had me guessing for a moment before I noticed the included card which revealed it to be a plastic bag holder. Now there's a fun and practical idea! And see those cute Macaron Earrings? A lovely freebie for being the first international customer from Austria this year, yay! Bottom, or should I say chevron line, this grab bag filled my inner fabric pattern lover with delight!

Personal Favorite? Multicolored Chevron Wristlet

What kind of patterns do you love? Are you by any chance a fan of chevron like myself? And most importantly, would you have recognized the plastic bag holder for what it is? 


  1. i'm not fan but i don't dislike chevrons either it depend on the colors i guess. i recognised the plastic bag holder because i have one^^; it's really handy.
    it('s it's a punch for pencil i see linked to a bag then it's my favourite piece^^ ( always hard to find a pen in my bag^^;; i could start trying to create one if sewing was my forte^^;; ( i will improve when my hands autorize me to try^^)

    1. Small things always get lost in my handbag too, so the small pouch is perfect for that purpose. And I'm not all that crafty either, because sewing is something I only attempted when I was still in high school, but I was lousy at it. I still own my old sewing machine though, so maybe one day I'll give it another try. After all, I never liked knitting in school and now, in my old age, took it up again and really enjoy it!