Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Lucky Dip - Sparks Emporium

Where to go? Sparks Emporium

What to buy? Mystery Grab Bag of Awesomeness

What does it cost? $8 plus shipping

What's it all about? Inside this grab bag you will find something totally unique and wondrous!
Each bag is a complete surprise as they are pre-packaged.

Sometimes I accidentally on purpose order more than just one grab bag. The listing doesn't really give much of anything away, but you know what they say - no risk, no fun! Arriving in two plain brown paper bags I opened the lighter one first (Grab Bag I) and was instantly smitten with all the darling items I found inside. Granted, the earrings with the yellow stars are a tad gaudy for my taste, but who cares about that when everything else is right up my alley. Going for the heavy one next (Grab Bag II) I set eyes on a whole different variety of pieces which certainly proves that no two bags are alike. Well, despite the rather similar, but equally cute, flower rings, that is. Overall I must confess I do like the first one a whole lot better, but then again, that's just me. Bottom line? Amazing value meets super fun jewelry!

Personal Favorite? "Old Town" Necklace (Grab Bag I) and "Blue Stones & Silver" Bracelet (Grab Bag II)

Would you agree that sometimes one just ain't enough? And which of the two mystery bags would be your favorite? Comment away.


  1. i think bag 1 is my favourite because the tea pot neckclace so cute and yet elegant the rest is also quite well except yes the earrings that quite stand out with the rest

    in book 2 the sailor moon necklace made me smile remembering old days but i'm not sure it would have been a bag i would have enjoyed receiving to be honest ( bird neckclace is not bad but not as cute and elegant than the teapot)

    verdict: bag 1 my favourite for sure ( even if it's because of one item mostly^^)

    1. Funny how our tastes are often sooo much alike! :-)

  2. I just found this! Thank you SO much, I never realized anyone had put my Grab Bags up on a blog :)

    1. You're more than welcome! I'm not sure whether I'm accidentally being a bit secretive about my grab bag reveals OR much more likely just too forgetful so I never tell the respective shop owners about it, haha!