Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Lucky Dip - House of Wonderland

Where to go? House of Wonderland

What to buy? Mystery Bag of House of Wonderland Jewellery Goodies

What does it cost? £11 plus shipping

What's it all about? These gorgeous little gift bags come filled with HOW goodies. Each one comes with past and current season jewellery and gifts. Each bag has been hand filled with different pretties, meaning no two bags are the same! [...] At least £20 worth of jewellery and accessories just £11!!! [...] Bags are already pre-packaged but please include in the notes section when ordering if you have pierced or un-pierced ears.

This is a girly girl grab bag if I ever saw one. In fact, this one seriously tickles your curiosity simply by glancing through the cellophane bag the goodies arrived in. I love how this surprise not only features jewelry, but as the cherry on the cake, lots of cute trinkets which makes it perfect for giving as a gift to a friend. Of course, I won't share, because sometimes a girl needs to treat herself with a nice surprise. Oh and is anyone wondering what's inside the lil' retro tin? Hairpins. And the origami crane? Freebie, yay. This is certainly one of the funnest and most charming goodie bags I bought in a while!

Personal Favorite? "Magic Fairy Wishes" Bottle

How do you like mystery bags that are filled with different knickknacks? Would you have been surprised by finding hairpins instead of, say, mints in the cute tin? Please share.

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  1. I really like the necklace that came with it. It's so cute.