Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Lucky Dip - Cinsational Baubles

Where to go? Cinsational Baubles

What to buy? Double Black Weekend Grab Bag

What does it cost? $13.49 plus shipping

What's it all about? This is a surprise lot of 7 items from my coveted "to be photographed" bin. These are brand new items that haven't been listed, newly listed or one of a kind pieces that are simply to die for! 
There may be necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair clips/barrettes, bracelets, rings, locket necklaces, key chains in any design shape, length or style. There may be cameos, gemstones, rhinestones, charms or pearls. BUT, you will get at least $70 retail value worth of pieces ready for gifting or simply a little something for yourself. These are preselected lots and already ready for shipping. They were chosen at random and some of them are closer to $120.00 retail value!!!

My first thought was somewhere along the lines of me in a hundred years or so. Why? Green skeleton. Not funny? Well, it is when I tell you that I'm a vegetarian. Joking aside, the playful goth girl style might not be something I'd usually go for, but sometimes it pays to buy off the beaten path, so to speak. Frankly, I am pretty taken by the varied mix of pieces I received. And shockingly - you may remember I'm not big on rings - I really adore that eye-catcher with the blue stone. Very classy. Verdict? An unexpectedly lovely booty of the darker kind.

Personal Favorite? "Black Rose Cameo" Necklace

Would you dare to venture onto the dark side when it comes to grab bag surprises? How about skeletons and skulls - yay or nay? Please share!


  1. not for me oki perhaps at halloween only but in general no skulls for me. i prefer the earrinsg with teh sea star even if they are perhaps a little too big ( hard to say like that)

    1. You are right, those are rather big, but maybe I can convert you to wearing larger earrings one day? ;-)