Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Lucky Dip - Awkward Ladies Club

Where to go? Awkward Ladies Club

What to buy? Awkward Holiday Grab Bag

What does it cost? $12 plus shipping

What's it all about? Get more than $20 of Awkward Ladies Club goods for just $12. Many of the items included are old stock or never seen before on etsy.
Each grab bag will include at least one of each of the following: 5" x 7" letterpress print, small blank notebook, letterpress (non-holiday) notecard with envelope, 1" pin. Each grab bag will be unique, but you can choose one of the following themes: Biology Nerd, Notebook Collector, Internet Addict, Always Hungry. If you do not want to choose a theme, pick "I Love Surprises!!"

Notebooks. Something a gal like me can never have enough of. So, not all that surprisingly, I picked the Notebook Collector version of this grab bag and wouldn't you know it, I received three different ones too. See the gyozas on the one in the middle? How on Earth did Amy know how much I like to eat those!? But let's not digress. While the varied mix of items I received might have had an obvious emphasis, I must say I am equally delighted by the fun quote on the print and the cute little buttons are total winners for me too. A far from awkward surprise for me!

Personal Favorite? "The Awkward Lady" Pin

How do you like this grab bag? Which version would you have chosen yourself? Are you even a notebook lover like yours truly? Comment away.


  1. Dully noted ( héhé) yes i love notebook but usually bigger one ( in the sense of more pages)

    1. Oh nooo ... you're taking notes of this? In a notebook? ;-P