Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Lucky Dip - Antiquated Future

Where to go? Antiquated Future

What to buy? Paper Goods Pack (Grab Bag)

What does it cost? $5 plus shipping

What's it all about? A fine selection of things to write on, draw on, and send to your friends!
1 Notepad, 1 Mini Journal, 1 Postcard, 1 Greeting Card + Envelope
All for $5!

Noticing that there are two mini journals instead of one and the obvious lack of a notepad separates the average person from the perfectionist. No harm done, really. Plus, the seller apologized for this mix-up and even offered to send out a notepad to make up for this mix-up. That's great customer service for you. But what about the goodies I received? So lovely and unique! Those cards are honestly too pretty to be sent to anyone and I've now stocked up on notebooks for my purse as well. A delightful paper surprise for my inner writer!

Personal Favorite? "Merchant of Venice" Greeting Card

Do you always carry a notebook with you like I do? And how do you like the designs I received? Comment away!


  1. i have a little notepad in my bag ^^ that way i can keep up with what i spent and write all i can think of ( strangely i get several idea during the time i spend in the train^^) better be prepared^^

    1. I'm the same way and would start to panic if I wanted to take a note and have nothing to write on.