Monday, December 30, 2013

Look ... January is looming!

With my brief winter break coming to an end you'll probably be quite curious about what the new year will bring, not just on my blog, but in general. Obviously I cannot help you out with looking into your own personal future (you might want to resort to those psychics on TV if you're adventurous enough and don't mind shelling out some cash for this), but I can already grant you a glimpse into what the next weeks and months will have in store for you here at The Picture Garden.

Let's start with my not-so-new pet project, appropriately named Project 365. Back in 2010, long before this blog came to be, I had a similar (ad)venture on my Facebook page where I posted a photo a day. Of course it's not just going to be any old photos that will now be posted here on a daily basis, but I will spruce 'em up a bit too - think Pixlr and you get the general idea.

And seeing how I just love a good surprise there are also plenty of The Lucky Dip reviews planned. Their format has received a slight overhaul, and dare I even say it, I will now upload a better quality of photos too instead of the snap-a-snappily-snapshot and upload it without running it through a bit of editing beforehand. I'm not trying to go all artsy with those, but better lighting should do for starters, ha.

Other than that I also want to present several Austrian Etsy shops on my blog though these spotlights probably won't be happening before February.

Then, of course, there are the crafty blog posts which I only had a select few in 2013 and which, for the time being, I've decided to put on the back burner. They might reappear eventually, so not all crafty hope is lost yet.

Last but not least, the beauty box reviews had to go as they don't really fit the general blog theme anyway.

Almost forgot, obviously there will also be lots of giveaways ahead as well! And seeing how you all seem to approve of the no-strings-attached-approach of the Easy Entry in the Rafflecopter, I will stick to that too.

'nuff said (or rather typed). See you all again tomorrow!


  1. Happy New Year, Brigit! Your plans sound interesting. Looking forward to all the new (and old) stuff!

    1. Happy New Year to you too, Rikki! I'm really excited myself about getting back into (half)full blogging swing (after all, my book blog is still in hibernation) and especially *Project 365* promises to be both fun and challenging!