Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Lucky Dip - Three Bird Nest

Where to go? Three Bird Nest

What to buy? Grab Bag Surprise Bag - Accessories and Jewelry

What does it cost? $10 plus shipping

What's it all about? A grab bag is a surprise item listed in category shown in the item title. It is a BLIND, surprise bag order, Meaning you will not know the color or exact style of the item you are ordering. It's FUN, exciting and a way to get several of our items at a complete STEAL!!

Content? As you will notice I couldn't resist and purchased two grab bags, all shown in one photo. Admittedly this grab bag was particularly fun to unpack. The lion's part consists of hair accessories, but I honestly don't mind that. Overall it's a great and colorful variety!

White Turban with Flower / Hair Pins in Brown / Hair Pins in Teal / Urban Tie Dye Headband / Bohemian Headband in Green / Sequined Headband in Pink / Fingerless Gloves with Bow / Cell Phone Cover in Pink / Necklace with Cross / Necklace with Bird

Most favorite item? The tie dye headband won me over immediately, though admittedly the hair pins are extra cute too (and they are totally my fav colors)!

Least favorite item? I'm still marveling over the white turban-thingy that looks like a swimming cap. Honestly, who would wear such a thing!?

Value? Amazing bargain there, especially seeing how you can also buy some of the items regularly at much higher prices.

Verdict? When you just can't decide what to buy, go for the grab bag is my motto. I was rewarded with lots of keepers and a few things for gifting purposes too!

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