Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Lucky Dip - Crystal Gayle Photography

Where to go? Crystal Gayle Photography

What to buy? Grab Bag Surprise Package - Photography Home Decor

What does it cost? $23 plus shipping

What's it all about? Each package shipped to you will be a value of $60-$80!!! No telling what's in the package. Each package will contain products by Crystal Gayle Photography that's seen in my shop!

Content? Admittedly I had secretly been hoping for a pillow cover thrown into the mix, but the foodie-licious prints I received do make up for this. It's almost as if Gayle knew how much I love my fruits and veggies!

Cocktail Print / Strawberry Print / Yellow Pepper Print / Raspberry Bookmark

Most favorite item? That would have to be the yummy strawberry, very closely followed by the raspberries!

Least favorite item? I will have to say the cocktail isn't really down my alley, though it'll make for a great gift!

Value? While you definitely save money, sets with three kitchen prints currently sell for $34 so we're nowhere near the value mentioned in the listing!

Verdict? If you like the pretty photography in the shop this might be just the surprise you're looking for!

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