Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Lucky Dip - Bookish

Where to go? Bookish

What to buy? Grab Bag Random Selection of Oops Stickers

What does it cost? $5 plus shipping

What's it all about? This listing is for 10 oops stickers - they will be randomly chosen and all will be unique. The flaws are all minor, and include NO typos, just slight marks that are not visible from a few feet away. In some cases, the sticker may be fine, and the back of it may have marks.

Content? Unpacking my sticker-filled envelope was literary *pun intended* super fun. I received lots of personal favorites, plus a couple quotes that were new to me, but which are delightfully quirky. As to the OOPS I must say, faults are ever so minor and in most cases I didn't find anything wrong at all.

Various Literary Quotes Stickers

Most favorite item? Oh please don't make me choose ... Shakespeare, Bukowski, Thoreau, love 'em all! And the Firefly ones get an honorary mention!

Least favorite item? That's the Never-Nudes one, because it's so plain weird (I suppose I'd have to know Arrested Development to get it)!

Value? If that's not a bargain, I wouldn't know what is!

Verdict? This has been a highly rewarding spur of the moment purchase my inner bookworm made. Love bookish quotes? This is the grab bag for you!

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