Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Lucky Dip - The Odd Bird (Update)

I've been known to come back for seconds on Etsy turf before, so little wonder I could not hold back when I stumbled upon yet another, even bigger, grab bag than the one I presented you from The Odd Bird shop this spring!

Where to go? The Odd Bird

What to buy? Mystery Jewelry Mix II

What does it cost? $25 plus shipping

The bigger the better? With grab bags always. This one is filled with 14 pieces of which at least four will be dominoes. As you can see I received a colorful variety of goodies with quite a few rabbits ... I wonder if they multiplied while in transit, hmmm!

Royal Lion Cufflinks / Butterfly Hairpin / Lion Cubs Pin / Dancing Girl Brooch / Rabbit in Tub Necklace /  White Rabbit Necklace / Blue Butterfly Ring / Red Rabbit Necklace / Yellow & Blue Quartz Necklace / Domino Necklace "Fly" / Domino Pendant "Frog" / Domino Earhooks "Geometric" / Domino Necklace "Skier" / Domino Brooch "Miliary"

Prize for making the 500th purchase: Finches Cuff / Domino Pendant "Cherries" / Silver Geometric Necklace / Brass Owl Necklace

Verdict? Once again I'm perfectly happy with my haul! There are a few things I will gladly keep myself while others will come in very handy now that stocking stuffer season is fast approaching. And let's not forget the generous surprise gifts I received for making the 500th purchase in the shop! To think I wasn't even aware of this at the time I hit the order button *shakes head in disbelief* which makes it even more awesome!

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  1. ^^ i missed seeing your discovery but i admit than this time it's not really my kind of stuff ( but i'm so happy you won the 500th purchase gift!!!)