Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Etsy Venture - What's new, Etsians?

This seems to be the year of a lot things new on Etsy. Of course, I never gave it as much attention as I do now compared to the time I only used to shop, but let's not digress. I already broached the subject of the new review system a little while ago, and this time the news are of a much more delightful kind.

Who doesn't love gift cards, right? Well, Etsy already introduced them in the US roughly a year ago, and is finally going global (though not all countries are included yet). Gift cards can now be purchased in Euros and British Pounds too, and the lucky recipient can spend them in any shop that accepts Direct Checkout as payment method. Confused by the different currencies? Never fear, Etsy will do the math for you, so even if you buy from a shop that's set up in Dollars you can use a gift card made out in Euros. Which brings me to some semi-related news in which I did a crazy little happy dance when I found out I won a € 50 Etsy Giftcard through iGNANT earlier this week. Ohhh ... what to buy, what to buuuy?

And secondly, imagine my surprise when I realized that instead of just getting stats on how many people visited my shop and/or particular listings, there is now also a world map to go with it ... neat, huh?


  1. i'm sure you will love what you will pick ( but yes choosing is always hard^^)
    it's also a good news about teh gift card but i wonder if we don't spend all the gift card do we keep the difference and for how long( i mean look at amazon gift card...the us one have no expiration date so you can save them as long as needed but all the other are limited in teh time)

  2. The gift cards are wonderful. It's fun to be able to have so many choices on how to spend your money. Hope you have a great day.
    Heidi’s Wanderings