Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Etsy Venture - Did someone say *End of Season Sale*?

After having been in business for six months it's not just time to take a look back, but even more so to look ahead. With three sales up my sleeve so far (here's hoping that the Christmas season will change that) I've had an eye not just looking through the lens of my camera, I also observed the tastes and trends of people browsing my shop. It's amazing how some images are immensely popular while other's have no takers, which made me weed out the bad apples aka I did not renew some oldies but not-goldies.
In addition to that I also decided to let my "inventory" undergo a slight overhaul and that is where the aforementioned End of Season Sale comes in! What it means for you? You can get your hands on 2-piece sets of my digital image file downloads at an amazing 75% off the original price! Sounds interesting? Thought so.

I can see some wonderful art prints you can gift to your favorite aunt this Christmas! Just purchase and have the images printed in your print-shop of choice and you're all set! Not quite your style? Don't fret. I've also added some fantastic new images this week, including these ...