Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Lucky Dip - ladybird likes (Update)

Know the feeling when one grab bag just ain't enough? That's exactly how I felt after unpacking my first goodie bag from ladybird likes which I showed off on my blog back in September!

Where to go? ladybird likes

What to buy? Jewelry Bumper Goodie Bag

What does it cost? £20 plus shipping

It's all about the surprise, but sometimes you want to be sure you don't end up having a deja-shopping-vu so I decided to ask Zoe how diverse the lucky dips are. Long story short, she was sweet enough to promise not to send any duplicates though she warned me that a few things might be similar. Worked for me!

Moon Collar Clip / Paper Plane Wooden Brooch / Horse Brooch / Black Cat Brooch / Yellow Bird Brooch / Wildflower Necklace / Blue Butterfly Necklace / Red Butterfly Necklace / Believe in Love Necklace / Mustache Necklace 
Plus a cute Purple Owl Pin as free gift!

Verdict? I'm once again so happy with the items I received and especially delighted with the moon collar clip, I confess. How cool is that for a sci-fi gal like me? Unfortunately one of the brooches arrived damaged (the lil' bird lost a wing), but then again, as you know, I'm not big on birds anyway.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Lucky Dip - Magasin (Update)

It's not quite that time of year again, but I'm already looking out for small gifts to be used in the festive season. One of the first shops that came to mind was Magasin which I introduced you to first back in March!

Where to go? Magasin

What to buy? Lucky Dip Cross Stitch Jewelry and Accessoires

What does it cost? £2,00 plus shipping

One, two, three ... why not make it four? Along that line I bought the remaining four lucky dips and did I ever feel the love upon unpacking or what?

Oversized Love Badge (Pink) / Oversized Love Badge (Red) / Love Ring / Mustache Ring 
Plus an Initial and Mustache pin as free gifts!

Verdict? Sarah suggested I'd not use them all for gifting purposes and so shall it be. I will spread the love (literally) and for myself I will match the cute mustached ring with a mustache necklace I received in a different grab bag a little while ago!

P.S.: Did you know that Sarah brought out a book recently? If you love cross-stitch you should definitely check out X-Stitch ...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Lucky Dip - The Odd Bird (Update)

I've been known to come back for seconds on Etsy turf before, so little wonder I could not hold back when I stumbled upon yet another, even bigger, grab bag than the one I presented you from The Odd Bird shop this spring!

Where to go? The Odd Bird

What to buy? Mystery Jewelry Mix II

What does it cost? $25 plus shipping

The bigger the better? With grab bags always. This one is filled with 14 pieces of which at least four will be dominoes. As you can see I received a colorful variety of goodies with quite a few rabbits ... I wonder if they multiplied while in transit, hmmm!

Royal Lion Cufflinks / Butterfly Hairpin / Lion Cubs Pin / Dancing Girl Brooch / Rabbit in Tub Necklace /  White Rabbit Necklace / Blue Butterfly Ring / Red Rabbit Necklace / Yellow & Blue Quartz Necklace / Domino Necklace "Fly" / Domino Pendant "Frog" / Domino Earhooks "Geometric" / Domino Necklace "Skier" / Domino Brooch "Miliary"

Prize for making the 500th purchase: Finches Cuff / Domino Pendant "Cherries" / Silver Geometric Necklace / Brass Owl Necklace

Verdict? Once again I'm perfectly happy with my haul! There are a few things I will gladly keep myself while others will come in very handy now that stocking stuffer season is fast approaching. And let's not forget the generous surprise gifts I received for making the 500th purchase in the shop! To think I wasn't even aware of this at the time I hit the order button *shakes head in disbelief* which makes it even more awesome!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Snap Happy - You know you're a photographer when ...

... you take multiple shots of a subject and don't like any of them.

... you feel panicky when someone hands you a compact camera and you can't control the exposure.

... you get arthritis in your trigger finger.

... when you're balanced precariously on a high ledge, you're more worried about dropping your camera than falling to your death.

... you understand the meaning of ISO and SLR.

... you have a camera strap tan/rash.

... you can live without bringing your phone on a trip, but not your camera gear.

... you start seeing life in bokeh.

... your camera goes in to the shop for repair and you feel like your pet just died.

... you're willing to get up at 5 am to go and photograph the sunrise.

... you wish your eyes had an inbuilt camera for days when you're not carrying the camera.

... you have to sort through the hundreds of pictures you take during a trip - none of which you are in.

... your world is a blur, but the subjects around you are in focus.

... you do an awkward pose in public to get the best shot.

... you buy magazines for the photos and not for the text.

For more check out the You know you're a photographer when website.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Etsy Venture - What's new, Etsians?

This seems to be the year of a lot things new on Etsy. Of course, I never gave it as much attention as I do now compared to the time I only used to shop, but let's not digress. I already broached the subject of the new review system a little while ago, and this time the news are of a much more delightful kind.

Who doesn't love gift cards, right? Well, Etsy already introduced them in the US roughly a year ago, and is finally going global (though not all countries are included yet). Gift cards can now be purchased in Euros and British Pounds too, and the lucky recipient can spend them in any shop that accepts Direct Checkout as payment method. Confused by the different currencies? Never fear, Etsy will do the math for you, so even if you buy from a shop that's set up in Dollars you can use a gift card made out in Euros. Which brings me to some semi-related news in which I did a crazy little happy dance when I found out I won a € 50 Etsy Giftcard through iGNANT earlier this week. Ohhh ... what to buy, what to buuuy?

And secondly, imagine my surprise when I realized that instead of just getting stats on how many people visited my shop and/or particular listings, there is now also a world map to go with it ... neat, huh?

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Snap Happy - Happy Halloween (Freebie)

It's been a while since I last had a freebie for you, so it's high time I shared one with y'all. How about something for the season?

Small Print: This image is for personal use only! You may also post it on your own blog if you wish, just make sure to link back to me - thanks!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Etsy Venture - Did someone say *End of Season Sale*?

After having been in business for six months it's not just time to take a look back, but even more so to look ahead. With three sales up my sleeve so far (here's hoping that the Christmas season will change that) I've had an eye not just looking through the lens of my camera, I also observed the tastes and trends of people browsing my shop. It's amazing how some images are immensely popular while other's have no takers, which made me weed out the bad apples aka I did not renew some oldies but not-goldies.
In addition to that I also decided to let my "inventory" undergo a slight overhaul and that is where the aforementioned End of Season Sale comes in! What it means for you? You can get your hands on 2-piece sets of my digital image file downloads at an amazing 75% off the original price! Sounds interesting? Thought so.

I can see some wonderful art prints you can gift to your favorite aunt this Christmas! Just purchase and have the images printed in your print-shop of choice and you're all set! Not quite your style? Don't fret. I've also added some fantastic new images this week, including these ...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Lucky Dip - October Giveaway (Open WW)

Back in July I presented my grab bag loot from Amarese (formerly: Sparkly Shamrock) which included these cute earrings!

Amarese sells a whole range of otherworldly jewelry from fairyland straight to the candy shop. And apropos candy, while not edible, the earrings one of you can win, are super sweet, minus the calories!

Please note that this giveaway is not sponsored by Amarese - it's just my way of spreading the love and at the same time giving a shout-out for an amazing Etsy seller!

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