Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Lucky Dip - olive yew!

We've already established that I'm a silver kind of girl when it comes to jewelry, but even when you're more into gold or maybe even rose gold you'll be in for a real treat ...

Where to go? olive yew!

What to buy? Silver Grab Bag

What does it cost? $25 plus shipping

What's it all about? According to the listing these grab bags offer you 3-5 items in your finish of choice, or you can choose a mixed bag and get a little of each! Each bag values at up to $200!

Content? Do I really have to mention that I was delighted to have received a total of five items? Sure, quality always goes over quantity, but in this case I got it both! By the way, while I went for the silver-only version there are also grab bags with gold-only, rose-gold-only, or for those who love 'em all there's a mixed-finish available!

Elephant Necklace / Rhinestone Necklace / Lucky Clover Necklace / Star Earrings / Satellite Bracelet

Most favorite item? This is a tough choice yet I think the cute necklace with the elephant pendant is the winner for me!

Least favorite item? Admittedly I'm not overly fond of the necklace with rhinestones!

Value? Bought separately you'd pay more for each piece than for the whole pack - now that's a true bargain!

Verdict? This turned out to be such a sweet surprise! Perfect for gals who like to adorn themselves with understated, pretty pieces!

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