Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Lucky Dip - ladybird likes

Did I ever mention that I have a secret passion for brooches? Even when I'm not in the mood for wearing a necklace, they spruce up any outfit. So how could I resist the prospect of a handful of brooches awaiting me ...

Where to go? ladybird likes

What to buy? Jewelry Bumper Goodie Bag

What does it cost? £20 plus shipping

What's it all about? These goodie bags include a mix of TEN ITEMS with an RRP of nearly £70! It works out at only £2 per item, so perfect as stocking fillers at Christmas, or to keep for emergency birthday gifts. You will find both items from discontinued ranges (such as our owl and cat brooches, typewriter key necklaces, moustache necklaces, and ampersand brooches), or slight seconds (meaning they have minor imperfections, although normally people can't even notice them, we are just very fussy!)

Content? I swear, unpacking was like Christmas morning! Old stock? I don't mind. Slight seconds? Honestly, I only found one tiny flaw on one piece which I had to look hard for to even find it. Bottom line, I am so pleased with the variety I received. And look, Zoe even threw in a little something extra - a cute butterfly pin that matches one of the necklaces!

Ampersand Brooch / Vintage Map Heart Brooch / Pin-Up GirlBrooch / Owl Brooch / Poison Bottle Brooch / Dachshund Necklace / Old Key Necklace / Mustache Necklace / Owl Hairpins / Butterfly Necklace / plus Butterfly Brooch (bonus gift)

Most favorite item? I've had my fingers crossed for one of the ampersand brooches ever since I saw one might be included, so I'm overjoyed about that piece! Admittely I'm pretty smitten with all the other brooches too!

Least favorite item? I might be a dog person, but a Wiener dog around my neck? I don't think so.

Value? What is the comparative of bargain again?

Verdict? Stocking up on stocking stuffers? I'm always game. Too bad I will greedily keep most of the goodies for myself, teehee!

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