Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Lucky Dip - Kate Rowland Illustration

Yes, I'm back from my brief summer break and as you can see, I could hardly contain myself and splurged quite a bit during August. Time to get started sharing all my wonderful grab bags with y'all!

Can shopping feel like a trip to the moon? With the lovely creations from the following shop the answer is definitely yes ...

Where to go? Kate Rowland Illustration

What to buy? Kate's Lucky Dip

What does it cost? $12 plus shipping

What's it all about? Kate packs these grab bags with a mysterious mix of jewelry - each bag contains a brooch, necklace, pair of cufflinks AND two pairs of earrings! For just $12.00 you'll receive a parcel of wooden jewelry goodness worth over $45.00. The items in this goody bag are discontinued or old stock, but each piece is still totally wearable and brand new.

Content? Just because you know the basic content doesn't take the surprise out of unpacking a mystery bag for me. Now imagine my joy when I found two items I've already been ogling in the shop among the goodies! Suffice to say I love the variety with a little bit of everything from all the available themes!

Holding Hands Necklace / Feather Brooch / Rocketship Earrings / Green Triangular Earrings / Saturn Cufflinks

Most favorite item? Let's just say I am a big science-fiction fan, so those rocketships for the ears are just perfect for me. And an honorary mention goes to the cufflinks!

Least favorite item? That would have to be the triangle earrings which I haven't quite warmed up to!

Value? That's what I call a real steal!

Verdict? Now this lucky dip was not just lucky but made my inner geek real happy too! Plus, who'd have thought that wood makes for such unique and awfully cute jewelry?

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