Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Etsy Venture - Let's do some shopping on Facebook!

If you've ever visited my FB page you have probably seen the Etsy Shop button right underneath the banner too. I think it's pretty neat being able to bring the shopping experience one step closer to those browsing on Facebook which was the main reason I installed this application in the first place.

Want an Etsy shop with a theme? Look no further. Want built-in promotion and marketing tools? Etsy Theme Shop has all of that, and it's free.

My app of choice is powered by Etsy Theme Shop and while this seems to be the most popular one, there are several alternatives I've come across too, eg StoreYaEasy Social Shop, ShopTab and Etsy Items.

Now, the important question would be, why should you consider adding such a shopping app? For one, not everyone who happens to stumble across your Facebook page might even notice that it's a page for a shop instead of, say, a blog. I'm sure you've put all important links, including the one to your Etsy shop and maybe those for various social media outlets into the info section of your page, but this way those links aren't as obvious aka in plain sight as in this example ...

And second of all - you should promote your shop where you can! So if you're using social media to get word out why not include a shortcut that leads straight to your shop too? Remember - bringing visitors one step closer to your shop means you're one step closer to a sale!

Got a Facebook page and an Etsy shop? Tell me, are you using a shop app or maybe you haven't considered adding one up until now? Feel free to share below!

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