Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Etsy Venture - How many stars will make you happy?

About a month ago Etsy implemented a new rating system and all hell broke loose. Tried and tested through a seller survey, the old ratings of positive, neutral and negative had to make room for the good old (but in this case new) 5-star rating system many of us know from sites such as Amazon or Ebay. Apparently the 4.000 souls who had a say in this survey were of a different opinion than the majority of sellers were once the change took place. But let's not get ahead of myself.

What's new?
- Buyers are now able to wrap their opinion about a purchase into a "shopper-friendly rating" that stretches over 5 different shades of like (or dislike). Side note: Old ratings were automatically translated into positive = 5 stars, neutral = 3 stars, and negative = 1 star.
- Reviews and ratings can now be edited, giving the buyer and seller a chance to resolve issues concerning a purchase.
- Sellers can no longer leave feedback for a buyer, because this is allegedly a tedious task.
- The review score of a seller is now determined by an average of the star ratings received in the last 12 months. Previously all ratings you have ever received were factored into this score.
- While previously all ratings you received, be it as a seller or buyer, showed up in your shop, now it's only those related to your sales.

Why the fuss?
As much as some of the changes mentioned above make sense, it's the 5-star ratings itself that got many sellers upset. Truth be told I'm no exclusion. Previously, when I was happy with my purchase I left a positive rating. Things had to be pretty bad for me to even hand out a neutral rating, eg when a buyer claimed they had sent something on a particular date and I kept on wondering when it'd finally arrive only to receive it and notice that it had been sent off weeks after it should have been sent on its way.

When it comes to the option of anything between one and five stars even minor things that didn't work out as perfectly as a buyer would have wished for, eg when the postal system uses a mule instead of a plane to get a package from A to B, might be blamed on the seller and *BAMM* it's 4-stars only. Fair? Probably not. And I'm not even implying that every buyer will do this, but let's face it, some will. As to leaving ratings for sellers, I will try to keep the old rating system close to my heart and not chop of a star for minor reasons.

How does it affect me personally?
At the moment, not at all. The few sales I made I was "blessed" with rating-lazy buyers, thus there are currently no reviews and/or ratings to be seen in my shop. Will I be unhappy if I end up with a rating below 5-stars? Probably not. Let's wait and see and most of all hope for stars to roll in in sets of five each time. *wink*

How do you like the new rating system on Etsy? Yay or nay?

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  1. I'm not sure how I will like the new rating system. But I'm sure I'll get used to it.

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