Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Etsy Venture - Look! It's a banner!

Those of you who browse around on Etsy a lot will have noticed how lovely some shop's pages look while others are a little bare. The reason? Surprisingly many shops don't have a banner like for example this one ...

This is my latest shop banner and it beautifully displays which shop you just "entered" and some of the images you will find "on the shelves".

I realize not every seller is overly tech-savvy, but trust me it's really no big deal to create such a banner yourself. My venue of choice? PicMonkey.

If you want to create one similar to mine, here's how it's done:
1. Open PicMonkey and go to "Create a Collage"
2. Pick the "Ducks in a Row" Layout (you need to set dimensions to 760x100 to fit Etsy's requirements for banners)
3. Optional: Add one of the backgrounds from the "Swatches" section
4. Upload your own photos
5. Change spacing and corner rounding in "Background" section
6. Safe your banner to your computer
7. Open PicMonkey again and pick "Edit a Photo"
8. Upload the banner from your computer
9. Go to "Text" section to insert and customize your shop name
10. Once again safe your banner and don't forget to upload it in your Etsy shop

See? It's quite simple, really.

Got a Facebook fan page for your shop too? You can proceed pretty much the same way, but instead of picking the "Ducks in a Row" Layout go for the "FB Cover" Layout which already offers the right dimensions for Facebook banners. Want to see mine? here goes ...

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