Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Lucky Dip - Mibbi Design (Update)

Sometimes it's too hard to resist and I simply have to grab some more grab bags *giggles about the word play* and one such case has to do with the lovely haul I bought from Mibbi Design last month!

Where to go? Mibbi Design

What to buy? Lucky Dip / Goody Bag (large) and Lucky Dip / Goody Bag (small)

What does it cost? £5 (large) and £2,50 (small) all plus shipping

While I bought three grab bags of the larger variety last time round, I figured why not throw in a couple of the smaller ones too? Wouldn't want to miss out on anything good, would I? This makes, let's quickly do the math, six lucky dips big'n'small and a whole lot of fun unpacking too.

£2,50 Lucky Dips - Bag I: Blue Bow Hairclip/Brooch and Crystal Earrings / Bag II: Paris Travel Necklace / Bag III: Only You Necklace (above)
£5 Lucky Dips - Bag I: Bambi Bangle, Rose Fabric Ring and Fabric Button / Bag II: Shabby Chic Brooch, Bird Bracelet and Fabric Button / Bag III: Letter Star Necklace, Dotted Fabric Ring and Fabric Button (below)

Verdict? I knew why I came back for seconds, because these goody bags are a real treat! Lots of things I am greedily going to keep for myself and a few which I might even share with one of my readers *wink*. Of course now I'll have to restrain myself, 'cause otherwise there won't be anything left for anyone else.

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