Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Etsy Venture - What's been happening lately?

So, the last time I gave a status update about my wee little shop was when I hit the three-months mark. That was about a month ago and oh how many exciting things have happened since ...

On the day of the aforementioned post I made my first sale to a dear friend of mine and I made my second sale which is also the first not-a-friend-but-a-complete-stranger-hit-the-purchase-button-sale this Monday.

Rikki from Digital Scrapbooking - Tips und Anleitungen used one of my photos for an awesome design which she featured on her blog - go here to check it out!

Slowly but steadily my photos have started to be included in treasuries and the recently curated Medieval Age treasury resulted in this lovely image getting a whole lotta love aka hearts from admirers.

Oh and apropos treasuries - I recently discovered Treasury Pin which is an amazing tool to pin a treasury to your Pinterest boards. Feel free to have a look at this board which shows off treasuries I've been featured in.

The buttons I had on various blogs in the past two months were a bit of a bust. I did get views in my shop, but I could count them on one hand. Good thing I've won the ad space and didn't pay for it!

I'm a tiny bit addicted to Etsy forum threads where you post your favorite item from the shop owner that last commented. Not only are these a fun way to find new shops, it also resulted in lots of traffic to my shop and, again, a whole lot of new admirers of my photos.

That's all for now, folks! And of course I'll keep you posted about all the news in my shop in the future.


  1. i'm really happy for you you must have felt estatic when you finally got your first sale ( and one to a unknow person even better)

  2. Congrats on your first REAL sale. That is awesome!!!!!

    1. Yay, I am still so excited about this! Now bring on the third sale, because I need to know when this stops being thrilling (never, I bet, haha).

  3. The first sale was great, but the first sale to a stranger- that was a nice feeling. It told me it wasn't just my friends who were looking!

    1. I know, this made me giddy with joy and I had this silly grin on my face all day long! Not as though I didn't appreciate you purchasing from me, but the sale-to-a-stranger had that extra cherry on top!